Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I book Santa for an event?
    Send an Email to Santajohnjones@gmail.com and request a Tentative Booking Form. Be sure to request the proper form for either a residential or commercial. The form will be in a PDF format fill out all pertinent information and email form back to Santa John. Be sure to fill out the form and send it back as soon as possible. Dates can not be guaranteed until Santa John has the filled-out form so He can check his calendar to see if your requested date and time is available. If your requested date and time is not available you will be notified by Santa John by email and phone. You may also request this form by submitting your information via the "Book Now" buttons located throughout my website.​

  2. Do you send a contract?
    Yes, a contract will be sent once the date and time of the event has been agreed upon by you and Santa John. The contract will contain the date and time of the event. Contracts also contain deposit and payment details as well as other important information.

  3. Is a deposit required?
    Yes, a Deposit 50% of the event booking fee is required to secure the date and time of the event. The contract will state how much the deposit is for the event and is to be paid upon return of the signed contract. Other details can be discussed when going over the details with Santa John.

  4. What if I need to change or cancel?
    Sometimes things don’t go as planned. If for some reason you need to change the date and/are time of the scheduled event contact Santa John ASAP. See if the event can be moved to a later time that day, or if it has to be moved to a different date and time. Please understand sometimes the calendar is too full to make the required change. In the event that it can not be moved then the only option is to cancel the event. If an event has to be cancelled for any reason the deposit will be refunded minus a $10.00 booking fee.

    One very important thing to remember that Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are Santa John’s busiest days of the week.

    One more factor to keep in mind is Santa John is based out of the North Pole (Pahrump, NV.) As such if your event is in Las Vegas, NV and was schedule with other events in Las Vegas NV. Therefore, it may have to be cancelled all together.

  5. Does Santa John have a background check and insurance?
    Yes, Santa has a current criminal background check. Through Intellicorp.

    Yes, Santa carries entertainer’s liability insurance.

    Copies of both can be provided upon request.

  6. How early will Santa John arrive to the event?
    It is Santa John’s policy to always be prompt and on time. For large events like corporate parties and tree lightings Santa will be approximately +15 minutes early.

    In the case of home visits Santa could be +/- 15 minutes and that is due to the time of year and the location and distance between each home visit.

    Rest assured you will get your full time with Santa John.

  7. Does Santa John require any breaks?
    Yes, but only at events over one hour in length then Santa requires a 10-minute break every hour. With that being said due to Santa’s Traditional North Pole outfit it is necessary to have periodic breaks. If the event is located indoors, it is recommended that the location be cool and comfortable approximately 70 degrees. It is assumed that all events will be indoors, or that arrangements have been made if the event is held outdoors, and therefore cancellations due to inclement weather are not accepted.

  8. What will Santa be wearing?
    Santa will be wearing his traditional suit with black leather boots, and a snow-white beard. However, Santa does have a few different kinds of outfits, and suits that you may choice from. When you are discussing the event you may talk with Santa about sending you pictures of his different outfits.

  9. Does santa bring a chair or supply a backdrop where we can take photos? 
    Due to the nature of things like home visits where Santa is there only for an hour it is in the best interest of the client to decorate an area preferably around the Christmas tree are the fireplace.

    At large event that covers a couple of hours it can be arranged for Santa to drop off, and set up a backdrop and chair that the client can further decorate at their convenience. Please understand if you require this there is a additional fee for the equipment and Santa’s time. Call Santa to discuss details.

  10. Can we use the photos of Santa John for our company advertising and marketing? 
    Any and all photos taken of or with Santa John, whether by individuals or professional photographers, are assumed to be for private or personal use of the client and may not be used for commercial or promotional use without the written permission of Santa John.

*At large events Santa John will be accompanied by one of his photographer elves. *

*Any further Question should be directed to Santa John’s email SantaJohnJones@gmail.com*