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Personalized Santa Video

Prerecorded custom video

You've got mail... Email, that is! Oh, and look!! It is from Santa!!!

You open the email, and there is a video attachment. You click on it and it opens and there are the opening credits and then hey there is santa waving at you and saying hello and calls you by your name. He starts telling how good you’ve been then he pulls out your north pole file filled out by your own personal elf.

You can get your child a personal prerecorded video from Santa to play for them before Christmas. 

Just use the "book now" tab below or email Santa for a video request form complete it and return it to Santa so that production can begin.

Videos are made custom to your child with info that you provide to Santa.
A Video for one child is from 5-7 minutes long and cost $ 25.00
A Video for multiple children together is from 8-10 minutes long and cost $ 35.00

If you have a video special request, please feel free to contact Santa John at SantaJohnJones@gmail.com