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Santa Home Visit

Santa comes to your home and visits with your children and family.

Imagine you're 7 years old; it’s one week before Christmas; you are so excited for Christmas this year and you have asked Santa for a new bike. Then, there comes a knock at the door and your mother tells you to go and answer the door. You open the door and you see him, he’s standing there looking at you he’s wearing a red suit with tall black leather boots a red hat and a long white beard with a sack over his shoulders. You're just standing there in AWE when he says to you “Hello, may I come in please?”

You can arrange for an in-home visit from Santa before the big night arrives. Have some other family members there or some of the neighborhood kids with their families present.

Think of the memories and of course all the pictures you could take with the kids interacting with Santa right in your own home! No need to go to the crowded malls, and long lines just to get a couple of minutes with the big guy!

Santa comes prepared to tell stories about The North Pole, his reindeer, the elves, and even sing a song or two! Also, you can prearrange for Santa to hand out a gift.

Home visits in the Pahrump area only will be $75 for an hour home visit.

For Las Vegas area, please contact Santa John for rates.

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